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About Moe

An image of a white guy with short brown hair smiling and standing with his chin on his held fist, with his other arm crossed. Moe is also wearing an earring, a septum piercing, and a shirt with skulls and dragons on it. There are also two small circles above this portrait. Thew left circle has an image of a cute leopard gecko with big eyes staring into the camera (Jesse), and the right circle has an image of a black cat making a squinty face as he is being pet (Buddy).

Moe (he/him) is a trans tattooer in Portland, Oregon with a BFA in English from UCLA and an AA in English. In his free time, he likes to explore nature, antique shops, and comic book stores and spends time with loved ones, his cat Buddy, and his leopard gecko Jesse. Moe's artistic aspirations began as a child and he received formal training in visual art at various summer programs. After years of daydreaming, he finally began tattoo school in 2023.

To book a tattoo please navigate to the booking page. If you have business inquiries or questions about commissions you can reach out to Moe at

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